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Museum Exhibits
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Stratford Armouries is a truly unique museum on the site of former RAF Snitterfield.

There are four galleries, with gallery one open all year round:

Gallery one:
Here you will see an amazing array of artefacts associated with the former Prime Minister of England, Sir Winston Churchill. This collection was formerly housed at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire - the central site for Britain's code breakers during the Second World War.
Our exhibition covers Churchill's life from 'school boy failure' to 'hero Prime Minister' of England and beyond.

Gallery two:
This gallery houses the tail section of a Wellington bomber along with a genuine audio recording of fighter pilots speaking in the cockpit of the bomber during the Second World War.
You will also see further information about the Wellington and the Heinkel in the cabinets placed around the gallery.
There is also a cabinet containing a number of fascinating Commandos artefacts from the Second World War. These artefacts are kindly on loan from Nigel Briggs, son of the late Eric Briggs. Eric was based within No 4 Commando and played a vital part in the D Day landings.

Gallery four:
This exhibition was curated by Warwick University PhD student Holly Winter who is currently researching the subject of Indian War Trophies. The exhibition features information about the life and times of the infamous Indian ruler: Tipu Sultan. Tipu was defeated and killed by British forces at the Siefe of Seringapatam in 1799.
This exhibition especially explores the 'movement' of Tipu Sultan's objects through time and their connection to Stratford Upon Avon. This exhibition was created in memory of Robin Wigington, the curator's late brother. Robin was a passionate collector and leading academic on the firearms of Tipu Sultan.


Please note that the following galleries are closed during the winter months, but will reopen next season.

Gallery three:
This gallery features a range of 'Curios in Curiosity Cabinets', or 'wunderkammer' as originally known. These cabinets have been put together by Stratford Armouries curator James Wigington. Here you will see a small amount of objects taken from his early collections of fishing tackle and taxidermy, as well as his later interests in furniture, arms and armour.

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